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Build your Network

Leverage the Finance Association student and alumni network to learn more about the finance role you are interested in. The Finance Association offers opportunities during the semester to speak with alumni and employers.

Utilize the Finance Association's network to stand out during the interview process and gain unique insights about your firm of interest. 


Learning and Growth Opportunities 

The Finance Association provides the necessary resources for students to develop professionally. Every semester invite the Wall Street Prep to help our members hone their financial modeling skills, and understand the different careers available in finance.

Learn from upper-class students about their path to obtaining an internship, the interview process and their path securing a full-time return offer.


Current students are open to providing mock interviews and insights about their internships.

Networking and mock interview prep with members helped a ton with my understanding of the investment banking space and interview process. Additionally, I frequently speak with now alumni upper-class men who work at investment banks


Ken Okeke

Incoming IB Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Industry Trips and Unique Insights

Every semester the Finance Association host trips to visit financial institutions such as Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Commercial Banks and other Institutions. Students gain unique insights from these trips, and build lasting relationships with financial professionals.

The Finance Association also host exclusive events where members will have the opportunity to dine with employers and speak with decision makers.

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